Tips For Your Thailand Trip

Thailand is a beautiful country full of adventure and culture. Yet, the very same things that bring visitors to Thailand could possibly drive them away! Many visitors forget that when they visit a foreign country, it is their responsibility to learn about and respect the country’s culture and customs. How much do you know about the royal family in Thailand? Showing respect for the King, Queen, and Royal Children is an important part of daily life, and an important requirement of any visitor.
When visiting Thailand, it is travel tips like this one that can make you feel “in-the-know”—which is a great way to feel when you’re traveling in a foreign country! Knowing some basic Thailand travel tips will make your trip to Thailand go off without a glitch.
Being Buddhist In Thailand—Tips For Travel To Buddhist Shrines
Thailand is primarily Buddhist, and religion is a very important part of daily life. Visitors are typically welcomed in Buddhist shrines; however, they are expected to dress appropriately. This means no shorts, bathing suits, or tank tops. Visitors are expected to remove their shoes as well.
Images and statues of Buddha are considered sacred. Thus, it is extremely important that visitors to a Buddhist shrine do not disrespect these icons in any way. Climbing on or photographing an image of Buddha is strictly forbidden.
Buddhist monks are subject to a limited lifestyle. For example, monks in the Buddhist temples are forbidden from touching a woman in any way or handling an object that a woman has just held. Women are required to hand the object to a man, who will then hand it to the monk.
Greetings, Gestures, and Society
Many basic greetings and gestures are very different in Thailand than what you might be used to, which is why practicing tips during your Thailand travels is extremely important. Thais typically greet one another by pressing their palms together in a “wai”—it looks almost prayer-like. Additionally, pointing or gesturing at another person or object with one’s feet is considered extremely rude, because the head is both literally and figuratively the highest part of the body.
Thais have a fairly conservative code of conduct. Displays of affection between men and women are usually frowned upon in public places, and it is not acceptable to walk the streets of Thailand without a shirt.
Grasping Another Culture
Part of traveling to a new country is learning about the culture—and Thailand’s rich culture and tradition provides a wonderful opportunity for just that. Learning about it is not enough; to get the most from your trip to Thailand, practice travel tips and give the cultural norms a try yourself!


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