Koh Phangan, Thailand

Koh Phangan is to experience radically unique travel activities, First time I see everything in my eyes just blue, white, green, this one of my favorite beach to escape. I love this beach so much, because the tiny island has plenty to offer; pristine beaches made for swimming and snorkeling; accommodations to suit any budget; fun outdoor activities for adults and kids alike; and, for partygoers, Haad Rin’s notorious "FullMoon Parties", with a surfeit of trance music, fire-spinners, even if you are not the classic partygoer - the full moon party could be a unique and unforgettable opportunity to join thousands of joyful, exhilarated people dancing together in the most beautiful place in the world to the sounds of the best music.
It is also offer an excellent diving area, due to its clear water and the huge variety of underwater life, Some of these forgotten venues feature about three dozens bungalows hidden in the midst of the jungle.
Is no doubt and by far the perfect choice for the perfect vacation on beach.

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